Employee Holiday Gift Ideas

Employee Holiday Gift Ideas


The holidays are here and gift giving is on the rise! Department stores are filled with new gadgets and beautiful apparels. These vast selections can be overwhelming for employees gifting anonymous coworkers. It’s important to remember the act of giving is more than the gift itself, as it carries the potential of building lasting relationships with others at work. If you’re contemplating on what to get your coworker this holiday season, below are some creative and memorable gift options to consider.

Employee Holiday Gift Ideas:

1. Holiday e-cards: Electronic greeting cards contain features not commonly found in traditional greeting cards. Some e-cards allow personalized messages, music, pictures or videos, and other incentives.

2. Lunch or coffee invite: Gifting can also incorporate different working days to accommodate employee schedules. For instance, purchasing coffee for a week or taking your coworker out to lunch. This is a good option for employees on a tight budget who desire to participate in anonymous gifting as it allows for gradual expenditure.

3. Personalized vouchers or gift certificates: Designing your own voucher or gift certificate gives room for lots of creativity. You can outline different gift options for the recipient to choose from with the ability to add an expiration date. For example, your voucher can read, “Select one of the following gifts: $25 gift card, one paid lunch on any weekday of choice, or free coffee for a week. The gift voucher expires in six months.”

4. Gift cards: Department stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and other companies offer gift cards for sale. Banks also offer cash-value gift cards with the benefit of reloading or customizing your card.

3. Company memorabilia: Some organizations sell merchandise, clothing, office supplies, and other items to promote the company.  This is a unique gift idea that supports  your employer and also benefits the recipient.

Gift giving, when done in a professional manner, is a kind gesture that embraces connectivity with others in the workplace. Gifting can provide the opportunity to build lasting relationships with coworkers. Anonymous gift exchanges can be fun and memorable by introducing some of the ideas suggested above. Happy Holidays!